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Carrier to Carrier Subrogation Service

Carrier to Carrier Subrogation claims are some of the most common claims that insurance adjusters deal with on a daily basis. Financial Claims Carrier to Carrier Subrogation Service offers a way For adjusters to clean up lengthy audit Trails, and allow us to have our seasoned Subrogation Analysts help maximize The execution of such claims-work and Allow your adjusters to concentrate on The claims that will bring your company The most profit. We will clean up the Claims with difficult issues or claims with Substandard carriers so your people do Not need to be bogged down with these Time consuming insurance claims.

Non-Auto Property Claims Outsourcing

Financial Claims also has great expertise at working Non-auto property claims such as Fire and casualty claims outsourcing As well as commercial liability Subrogation claims work. We are especially effective at Business To business files where the Responsible Party is a business because we have Professionals trained specifically in How to work a business file which can Be very different then a claim dealing With a Responsible individual. We also Have a legal network if this is a Necessary step in working these claims.

Uninsured Motorist Claims Service

Uninsured motorist claims are our claim-to-fame. We have made our bread and butter on Uninsured motorist claims at Financial Claims and we will continue to specialize in these claims because it is really what we do. Studies have proven that the sooner that you outsource your uninsured motorist claim to us, the better. We have the tools, the resources, the on-line skip tracing and most important the seasoned Subrogation Analysists to work your files in the most efficient and effective manner possible. We are a leader in Subrogation Claims Out-sourcing work offering you top notch results while at the same time offering extensive Client service and client resources.

Total Subrogation Outsource Option

Lets face it, employees are expensive and this economy can be a bear. For this reason we offer a complete-take- over option of your subrogation department. If your company Is burdened by the expense of carrying a full subrogation department and it is unproductive, Financial Claims can offer you the “Total Subrogation Outsource Option” Many companies consider the subrogation department of their company a secondary process often committing less resources and attention to these departments. This results in a huge loss of revenue. Financial Claims has the ability and resources to become your Subrogation Dept. And most likely we will greatly increase your Revenue stream and enhance your profits.


Financial Claims offers an excellent on-line Arbitration service. As we all Know this is a growing standard In our industry and even the sub-Standard insurance companies are Participating so this is a growing Trend and Financial Claims is on the fore-front Of this trend. Since we have an Entire department dedicated to Arbitration, we have the personnel And the resourced to handle large Volumes, or one by one, as needed. Financial Claims are long-time members of Arbitration Forums, the nations Leader in Arbitration.

Legal Network

At Financial Claims we understand that in many cases traditional subrogation efforts do not succeed, and for these cases Financial Claims offers our nationwide network of attorneys. We can forward suits to any county in any state in the country because we have spend 25 years developing close business relationships with what is now a full nationwide network of Law firms who have tons of subrogation claims experience and can get judgements as needed. Financial Claims Will not only monitor these lawsuits but we communicate every step in the case and Execute on the judgements as needed.

Corporate Fleet Claims Handling

Financial Claims often works for self-insured Business and business with Commercial Fleets. Financial Claims can either Completely take over all subrogation Claim work, or work as a partner to Your people case by case. We have 25 years of experience helping companies Both large and small attain stronger Revenue streams by managing your Subrogation claims work for you. We also work with rental fleet Companies and Trucking and Transport companies. We handle Every phase of the Subrogation claims Process and we can enhance whatever You have in place for higher profitability.

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