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Vision Statement

Financial Claims will succeed in establishing long-term winning Partnerships with our allies in the insurance claims industry. We will lead the way in Subrogation Claims, and Insurance Claims Outsourcing Solutions now and into The Future. We will capitalize on the Knowledge-base of experience that has been Gained in the 25-plus years that we have been Established in The Subrogation industry to Propel us and our Partners forward towards Greater profitability and Continued Excellence.

Our Story

Financial Claims, a privately held-corporation, was founded in 1991 with the Vision of becoming the Nation’s Leader in Multiple-Line Subrogation and Insurance Outsourcing Services, and Established Carrier Claims services. What has followed is a success story that has really revolutionized the Multiple-line subrogation and insurance services sector today.

Financial Claims has effectively “Raised the Bar” for our competitors as we have effectively placed all the essential services under one umbrella in order to offer the most comprehensive and streamlined Multiple-Line set of Service available. When we began over 25 years ago there simply was no other service to match ours and this remains true to this day. Many have attempted to duplicate what Financial Claims offers but to date, none have, and not even close. Our philosophy of “Lead, Follow, or Get out of the Way” has held up for 25 years. Many companies have come and gone in nearly the quarter century that we have been leading the way, but none have matched our truly impressive Client-Based set of services that is second to none. Not only have we have the staying power to succeed for 25 straight years, we intend on continuing our leadership well into the future. We have always believed that our Clients are our best friend and ally and we go to great lengths to make sure that each client feels that they are number one in our eyes, and this is really our key to success.

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