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FCI Passive Account Program

Passive Account ProgramFinancial Claims, Inc. has developed one of the finest Passive Account (Payer File) programs available in the Subrogation Recovery Industry.

For years, most of our clients have labored under the painstaking day-to-day chore of working in-house pay-desks. Thousands and thousands of calls to claimants as reminders or payment demands, checks to be processed, statements to be printed, notes to be made and computer updating to be done. On top of that there are the postal costs, labor costs and technical costs of maintaining such a vast system.

Now, with the new FCI PASSIVE ACCOUNT SYSTEM all of your worries are behind you. Financial Claims, Inc. has set up a system for processing client payer files that is second to none. Our system is run by Subrogation Payer Professionals who's sole task is to run the Payer File Desks. The system is fully automated and state-of-the-art to ensure that we maximize the amount of money collected on your payers and also provide you with full reporting needs including but not limited to: Accounts Inventory, Active Accounts Statement, Trust Statement (in either multiple or single format) and Performance Analysis. We have the systems in place right now, that will make your life easier, increase your recovery figures due to the fact that we have tight follow-up procedures in place, and account auditing procedures that ensure very efficient handling of your files.

What do we charge for this? Our rates are based on volume and begin at 15% and go down from there!! We are ready to take a burden off your shoulders and increase your payment file recoveries immediately.

Please call 800-258-4370 today, and we will answer all your questions in a moments notice.

To submit a passive account online, please fill out our Claim Form.

Mail: P.O. Box 3029 - Kirkland, WA - 98083-3029
Phone: (425) 820-3321 - Toll Free: (800) 258-4370 - Fax: (425) 821-3106
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