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Our available services and features, in combination with our knowledgeable subrogation staff, will produce efficient results and high recovery rates.

Call the FCI HOTLINE (1-800-258-4370) - a national toll free number for client questions regarding account status, assignment procedures, or other related questions. At Financial Claims, Inc., we place a high priority on giving an instant response to any number of client status report requests. Our philosophy of superior client service extends through every phase of our company. We don't just talk about excellent client service and responsiveness, at FCI we live by it.

Client Services

Standard Client Reports

  • Acknowledgement Report
  • Trust and Remittance Statement
  • Active Accounts Statement (monthly, quarterly, etc.)
  • Debtor History Report (specific debtor status)
  • Account Inventory Report (monthly client account inventory)
  • Performance Report
  • Closing Report Back to Top

Recovery Services

Asset Research

  • Bank Account Information
  • Employment Status
  • Credit Profile
  • Real Estate Ownership (County Assessors)
  • Vehicle Ownership
  • Marine Licensing
  • Business Ownership
  • Commercial License Investigations (Interstate Commerce Commission)
  • Public Record Search
  • Personal Property Ownership (Tax Assessor)
  • Registered Owner Credit Profiles (Secondary Liability)

Locate Services

  • National Skip Trace Service
  • Driver's License Checks
  • Reverse Directories (Cole, Polk's, Atlas, Etc.)
  • Multiple CD ROM Last Name and Relative Searches
  • Post Master Information (Freedom of Information Act)
  • Social Security Number Traces
  • Directory Assistance
  • Trans-Union Skip Trace Reports (30 Types Available)
  • Private Industry Contacts
  • Private Information Sources
  • The Internet Back to Top


  • National Network of Attorneys
  • No Recovery - No Fee!!
  • Excellent Status Reporting System
  • Competitive Contingency Fees
  • Sophisticated Data Base Management System
  • Network of Private Investigators and Process Servers
  • Express Mail and Western Union for Quick Payments
  • FCI Web Site~http://www.financialclaims.net/
  • Comprehensive Library of State by State Statutes and Rules
  • Personal Property Ownership
  • CD ROM database with every listed U.S. address Back to Top


Our system is very flexible. You may receive any number of these reports as necessary. They can be monthly, quarterly, yearly, or upon request. There are a variety of reporting scenarios that can be accommodated by our advanced Debt Master Collection System. Please contact us to see how we can satisfy your reporting needs.

  • Custom-Status Report (Detailed reports in 24 hrs)
  • Quik-Close (Immediate file closure and file remittance)
  • FCI National Hotline (Call for toll-free client service)
  • Sure Audit (System that eliminates long audit trails)
  • Personally Copied Files (On Site file copy. (some restrictions)) Back to Top

Mail: P.O. Box 3029 - Kirkland, WA - 98083-3029
Phone: (425) 820-3321 - Toll Free: (800) 258-4370 - Fax: (425) 821-3106
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